Location: Buenos Aires - Argentina
Guests: 600 country store managers
4 Days 3 Nights 2 Years of work
4 Site inspections
2 Charters planes
5 Coordinators 16 Guides
20 Support Staff
15 Buses
4 Venues
2 Hospitality desk
300 Hotel Rooms
Technical Equipment
20 Police Guards
500 Boca Jrs. Supporters
600 Boca Jrs. Scarves
1800 Costumes for guests
3 Scandinavian musical bands
International Artists
The Program Boca Jrs. Passion Experience Press
After one year and six months of work, four site inspections in Buenos Aires, a large number of presentations, we have achieved Scandinavian Project from January 7th to 10th , 2011 in Buenos Aires , a leading wholesale company for men clothing in Northern Europe with more than 1000 stores. Boca Jrs. Passion Experience is an idea that was born in partnership with the No. 12, the supporters of Boca Jr. Club, rabid, noisy, most famous fans specially for their triumphal spirit, considered themselves as “One more player” that is the origin of their name. The incentive group was the largest Scandinavian group which has visited Argentina, which caught the attention of the press in Argentina as well as in Norway and throughout all Scandinavia, involving 600 people in this ambitious project on the other side of the world.
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